Voice Organization’s mission is the creation of a strong, empowered network of the International & National NGO’s to address poverty alleviation, Humanitarian Relief in all sectors, Environment Protection and Social Development particularly in Pakistan’s poor, remote and minorities inhabited areas.

Our most priority in to rebuild social and economic structure as well as strengthen and built capacities of the most vulnerable human being.

Our mandate in Humanitarian Relief is to Rebuild protection & Promotion of Social and Economic structure, Built capacity and strengthen Civil Society, as well as particularly to target the key issues for the most vulnerable and indigenous human beings.

We also aim to tackle the root causes of the Mother and Child Care issues, poverty, Environmental protection at many levels such as Local, Regional, National and International with the help of our best Government polices as well as National and International NGO’s using the best professional skills and abilities to help the peoples of Pakistan in many ways, and make fruitful effort to provide quality Education and Health services. To properly educate and create consciousness among the Youth, Old age either sex against Drugs, Narcotics HIV, AIDS etc. is in our top priorities.