July 2005 – June 2008

Voice since July 2005 had been arranging free medical treatment camps to the perplexed and distracted peoples, with its limited resources. Approximately 50 thousand destitute forlorn human beings had been given treatment facilities.

Voice has provided multi-typed assistance to the needy people of the locality. Provision of awareness about various aspects causing injuries to the health of the people, pollution free environment, health care and provision of consultancy in hours of need of the community are the fields attended to by Voice. On the other hand Voice always tried its best to find the solution of financial hardships of helpless, misfortunate and miserable destitute humanity.

Funding Source

Project cost is sponsored (in Shape of Medicines, net donation, Subscriptions and Rs: 10.00 per patient against checkup fee and by Voice voluntary members and Public groups.


More than 50000 patients got free medical treatment during this campaign. In which:

  • 65 % were Women
  • 25 % were Children
  • 10 % were Men